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Part of me was with Jen, because let's face it. JJ has been playing her. He's been insincere and a liar in so many ways. He's used his anger as a way not only to explain his wrong-doing, but to justify it. He needs to pay a price, because he's been nothing if not dishonest and manipulative since he hit town, lying with ease and showing a sense of self-satisfaction after any lie that was accepted at face value.

That said, I like JJ, and I don't like Daniel. I guess I'm supposed to, but I don't. Everyone's got Jj's number, and he'll have to face consequences for his actions. But no one sees Daniel
for the womanizer he's been. I'm not saying he's evil, but he's not acted like the great guy everyone says he is, either. He's been self-absorbed. He's been unforgiving. He's failed to see others' points of view when their views clashed with his. He's manhandled Jen's son.

Jj's been self-absorbed too. He's been unforgiving. He's been slow to truly see anyone's POV outside his own. But he's a kid...an angry, grieving kid.

What's Daniel's excuse?
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