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The Scorpion
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Sep 8 2013, 06:14 AM
The Scorpion
Sep 8 2013, 04:13 AM
While I may think that the actor who plays JJ is good, although I'm not interested in what this character is doing or not doing. Reason for this is that the character is linked to Jenifer and Daniel's sl and I find nothing entertaining with their sl or these two characters, then that Jennifer was popular back in the day I do not care, right now so suck the character and adds nothing of interest in my opinion, and the same with Daniel. I mean what is exciting about this character? Nada zero. IMO, it's one thing that sucks with this show, it's regardles what story they are writing so there can never be exciting if the characters are boring. I'm not so sure it can be really good if the writers do not start shape up characters and really look at which characters who can bring something to a story, etc. Family Drama oh yes but it takes an interesting family to begin with.
I love JJ because he's the one person on the canvas who has been allowed to visibly grieve for Jack. The problem is that his grief for Jack is cruelly (and I mean cruelly to the viewers who loved Jack) being written as a "problem". His love for Jack is leading to what we are supposed to be believe is evil things. He's a druggie and worse than that - he DOESN'T LIKE DANIEL. As the whole town knows and tells us at least once usually more than once every episode, Daniel is wonderful and Jennifer and Daniel belong together.

The writers will kill JJ or make him accept Daniel after a long period of suffering, but they won't let him keep voicing viewer disgust with the show. He's not for that. He's there to show how awful and messed up people (including viewers) who hate Daniel are and what happens to them.

Also, I don't think JJ has a drug problem. Theresa has a drug problem. JJ smokes pot, which is being made legal in many places. Yes, JJ's too young and probably smokes too much, but he's self-medicating his pain because his mother is too worried about her relationship with Daniel to get her son to Marlena's office. Let's face it, why would she do anything else? Jack was tortured and suffered from PTSD and she reacted the same. And we're supposed to root for her. It's really indefensible.

JJ's big crime is dealing, and he's dealt more than pot - including pills and the coke he got for Theresa. I agree that he's a kid who thinks he's a badass and probably needs to be sacred onto the straight and narrow. But unfortunately, as far as JJ's mother is concerned, this is nothing but an impediment to her love for Daniel.

Also, I think there are writers that hate Daniel as much as some viewers, which is why some of the writing for JJ has been so good, but TomSell will ultimately direct JJ's fate and that fate is to be punished for not accepting Daniel as the center of his life (and the show).

**edited to reflect that not all viewers hate Daniel. He does have fans, and that should be respected. However, I will say the writers would be smart if they allowed more characters to speak for the number of viewers who don't like Daniel and miss Jack and Lucas and John as major parts of the canvas and allowed those characters to thrive rather than be punished.
I understand what you mean, and I also see that JJ is the only one who expresses disgust for Jennifer and Daniel's relationship, etc., but for me, this doesn't matter because Jennifer and Daniel are uninteresting and their sl is useless when it comes to entertainment, in my opinion. And, unfortunately, so is the character JJ linked to their sl. When I mean interesting characters, it's so that the characters must be able to provide different pages and well have an interesting background, etc. and be able to bring drama. If we now look at the Horton family, Laura was interesting Bill was interesting but Jennifer nah, although I liked Jennifer and Jack back in the day. but today -I find that Jennifer is boring and I do not care about her family drama because I find no interest in her family. Perhaps it is that characters that are complicated are more appealing to me characters that can show multiple sides of themselves the same thing when it comes to family drama there must be something exciting with the family for me to be hoked.
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