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I was pretty pleased with the Jennifer/JJ scene in the police station. I think Jennifer did have the right to express her disappointment in him and how his actions have affected their family. I totally get JJ's POV though that Jennifer does seem to put Dan on a pedestal and that it's not easy mourning for a father while seeing your mother move on at warp speed to the skeeviest of the skeevy. I never used to be a fan of Danloe, but what I wouldn't give for Nadia to return permanently and for Chloe to put an end to the unbelievable stupidity that is Dannifer.

Super, DUPER thrilled about EJ's letter to Sami in the slammer. I've heard mention of the comparison being made between that scene and how Santo and Colleen's relationship took hold through letters. It's nice to know what's in a character's head (in this case EJ's) without the use of a device like talking to themselves/thinking out loud. Though the prison set is getting old, I'll put up with it if it means EJ and Sami communicating like that even when physical interaction isn't possible. Taking the time to put your thoughts about someone on paper isn't done very often these days, as an EJami fan I truly appreciated receiving a scene like that and especially that we got to hear EJ's narration of it. The romantic in me loved it to bits.
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