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What I donít like about the Newmanís is they think they are entitled to anything and everything. Adam and Chelsea were in a car accident that probably caused them to lose their baby but a Newman caused the accident so all is well. Adam didnít have time to grieve with Chelsea he was to busy trying to get back into the good graces of his daddy and getting Sharon on the straight and narrow. So Chelsea moved on I know what Chelsea did was wrong, but itís not wrong to want your child to have an amazing family and Newmanís arenít that family. Nor are any of them amazing fathers or husbands. So I hope Adam backs off and lets Chelsea and Connor have a life they deserve. Adams doesnít care about the baby he just wants Chelsea to tell him he was right all along. Connor will end up like Summer and pawn in a Newmanís sick game to prove to the world the Newmanís are always right. Victor and Adam proved my point again today. This thing with Cane, Lily and Hillary has drug on long enough time to move on.
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