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Sep 9 2013, 06:38 PM
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I happen to work with a few young gay men (as in the age range of Wilson) and sometimes socialize with them. I agree that Days is putting old fashioned terminology in Wilson's mouths. Around me at least, the young men all use traditionally hetero terminology like "boyfriend", "date", "fiance" and "husband" - though none of them are married, it's sometimes "future husband". We're working on marriage equity in PA and one of them said this week "Good, so I don't have to marry my future husband in New York" or some such.

I do appreciate that Wilson verbalize the depth of their commitment, but the writing is outmoded. I actually didn't think it was this way under MarDar, who seemed a little bit more attuned to lingo and culture.

However, Wilson were still my absolute favorite part of today - not much competition - but I did enjoy the future fantasy with little Ari as well as bringing up how often Will has been pulled into his mom's drama.

Wilson remain adorable.
Thing is, if Mardar were sill the writers there would be no Will and Sonny together and I doubt Will would even be in a relationship with anybody. The current writers at least say Will and Sonny are in a relationship but the writing sucks for them and everything happens off screen relationship wise. It's like a no win situation. I almost wonder at times if I'd rather there be no Wilson than be given the scraps they give. It's that bad lately :shrug: . I am interested in seeing what happens when a new actor takes over the role. Will it be more of the same crap or will things possibly change. I'm going to say nothing will change since seems this writing is here till the bitter end and I fear the end may not be far off.
Well, I'm afraid I disagree with you there. I think that even with the flaws in the writing, CM and FS did a lovely job today and I enjoy their onscreen rapport. I'm going to miss it, and I don't plan in wallowing in negativity. CM is going to be gone soon, and so I'm going to enjoy them. I certainly would never in a million years want a loving gay relationship excised from my screen because it wasn't up to snuff or written exactly as I wanted.
While I agree that the verbage could've been better, it didn't sound as bad when you consider that Sonny was differentiating between types of partner. I think he said "lover" for further clarification, but ick. Boyfriend or significant other would've been fine.

Freddie, Chandler and future Arianna Grace were the only watchable parts of the show for me today.
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