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I enjoyed today's show, pretty much every scene in fact. My favorite moment today was when Justin was giving his opening statement while an enthralled EJ looked on in amazement, much like a kid would be upon seeing Santa Claus or Superman. I bet EJ was thinking "Now this is how a good attorney works a case." Those few seconds where we saw EJ's face in that scene were absolute gold.

The trial scenes, as a whole, were good, all things considered. The pacing was fine and the parade of damaging witnesses for Sami's case was almost amusing, although Sonny held his own, presumably due to seeing his father argue cases in the past (offscreen, of course).

Will's nightmare and future fantasy were both entertaining. I almost can't believe I am saying but I really liked AS in both of those scenes, especially in the prison visiting room fantasy scene. Maybe the show should dress AS down instead of trying to glam her up in upcoming episodes.

It was nice of Chad to wear a suit to court. It's too bad he couldn't have shaved as well.

I loved Brady calling out Nicole on her obsession with Eric. She is definitely very sensitive about that and Brady was justified in pushing that button.

Brady and Cameron were both wearing the same shirt, albeit in different colors. That salmon color looked great on Cameron, perhaps the best he has looked apart from his stint in those gold underpants he wore as a stripper.

Lastly, I am loving Kristen's dilemma with the flash drive. Will she use it to destroy Marlena or will she dispose of it to ensure her future happiness with Brady? That is a nice soapy predicament she has created for herself.

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