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Like someone upthread said.. this show is a trainwreck.

Seriously.. how many times do we really need to hear Brady and Nicole have primarily the same conversation? We get it and agree with you, Nicole... Brady is an idiot, but we don't need it repeated day after day. :frustration:

Speaking of Nicole... again today we got to see her try to be Eric's savior, argue with him, and stomp out of his office. The Nicole I know would never be acting like this. If someone finds the real Nicole, please bring her back to Days...this one isn't even a shadow of the real character.

The trial scenes would be so much better with an audience there... you know, Sami's relatives there to support her. At the very least her mother, father, and grandmother should be there. Too bad Days is too cheap to spring for a bigger set to actually make the trial seem somewhat realistic. :shame:

Abby/Cameron/Chad :sleep:

Please, please.. no more FB scenes with Kristen and Eric. Enough already... the first 100 times were enough. :drunk:

The little girl playing Arianna was adorable. She and Will's dream scenes were about the only salvagable things about this episode... oh, and that EJ didn't really have any lines today.

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