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Sweet and Salty

Sep 9 2013, 04:43 PM
Sep 9 2013, 04:27 PM
Sep 9 2013, 03:30 PM
Team WilSon
Sep 9 2013, 12:34 PM
Will is my life partner - my lover!
Who wrote this crap? Gay men in their early 20s do not talk this way. If they were two gay men in their 50s who had been committed to each othet for 20 years and they did not live in a marriage equality state, then this dialogue might seem normal. Will and Sonny are merely boyfriends who have been dating for a year and living together for three months. I like these two characters but this dialogue is ridiculous. If Sonny has to talk this, at least have him put a ring on Will's finger for crying out loud.
The problem is they want us to believe all of this without actually showing Will and Sonny act like lovers. It sounds very old fashioned to me because we aren't seen any of it actually happen. Don't talk about Will and Sonny and preach about how much of a couple they are when the most we have seen in months is a smack on the lip. That is the most unrealistic aspect of Will and Sonny. They are in their early 20s and are being written like an old married couple.
I disagree. What do they have to show in order to make the audience know they are committed to each other? I admit, calling him his "life partner" was pretty presumptuous, but it's validated most every time they are on that they love each other! A ring this early in the relationship is crazy! I absolutely LOVE how they show their commitment to each other. Sex scenes every time their together, like Brady and Kristen do would lend me to think they think of each other as sex objects, but instead, they are responsible and mature, and in my opinion, their relationship is more solid than the others in the show!
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