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So Chelsea moved on I know what Chelsea did was wrong, but it's not wrong to want your child to have an amazing family and the Newman's aren't that family. Nor are any of them amazing fathers or husbands. So I hope Adam backs off and lets Chelsea and Connor have a life they deserve. Adams doesn’t care about the baby he just wants Chelsea to tell him he was right all along.

I could say the same about the people who spawned honey boo boo but it is not for me to judge who will make better or good parents.
So Adam should just give up and walk away from his child? I remembered when Adam and Chelsea were married and he found out he was going to be a father before the accident and the miscarriage. He was over the top with happiness. I dont see how he can be judged to not be a good parent when he was never given the chance. Besides who deserves to be a parent? Who is anyone to judge who should be a parent?
Well I guess Adam doesn't deserve his kid - just like the Newman ranch didn't deserve the burning -because he is already judged to not be a good parent. Even though he never had a kid to begin with.
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