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Okay, I'm bored at work, so I'll create my BB All Stars 2 List :) I'll just take people from season 8 onward...

- Amber (S8)
- Jen (S8)
- Chelsia (S9)
- Amanda (S9)
- Joshuah (S9)
- Libra (S10)
- Keesha (S10)
- Memphis (S10)
- Kevin (S11)
- Michele (S11)
- Russell (S11)
- Dominic (S13)
- Ian (S14)
- Shane (S14)
- Jeremy (S15)
- Helen (S15)

I would also love to have Amanda (S15), Sharon (S9), Danielle (S14), Michelle (S10).. I just couldn't pick anyone from S12..
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