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Sep 10 2013, 12:46 PM
Sep 10 2013, 06:30 AM
No Chelsea never looked upon Adam as evil until Chloe started putting ideas into her head. Chelsea was hurt that Adam wanted to say at Newman and prove something to his father but she never saw him as evil till Chloe. Thats why I find it stupid that she would try and do something like this to him. If you go all the way back to when they first met Adam has always shown her nothing but love, kindness and respect. Sure he made some mistakes but he never stopped loving her and begged her to stay. Even up until recently he has always shown love for her and just wanted her to be happy. I think he is hurt that someone he loved could do something like this to him and she was hurt that he wanted to prove something to his father than move away to Paris with her. In the real world if they actually sat down and talked cooler heads would have prevailed. However in soaps that is not the case and despite it all Chelsea has no one to blame but herself.
I am curious to what the next encounter between Chelsea and Chloe will entail. I bet Chloe will be real thrilled that her plan worked perfectly...NOT.

Chelsea loved Adam hard and she is afraid of getting sucked in by him and getting hurt again. If she actually sees him as a good father and holding their son well, I bet she'll turn to mush and give in again. That is what she is really afraid of not that Adam is evil and will take the baby. Like you said, she never thought that until Chloe put the idea in her head playing on her insecurities about losing the baby. Evidently, the show has gone out of its way to show us that Adam didn't want her to lose another child. I guess it was a lot easier for her to think of Adam as evil than to deal with her feelings.
I can relate to what Adam is going through that's why I like this story but at the same time wish they inject some realism into it for the people who have gone through this.

As far as Chloe goes all she is going to do IMO is tell Chelsea to keep the baby as far away from Adam and try to make herself look clean. In all honesty I don't know why Chelsea is still seeking Chloe out for advice I would have told her to get lost by now and try to talk and explain things to Adam if she knows he is angry and hurt. It's amazing how she felt guilt over what what she did to Billy but has none for the man she so called loved.
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