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Sep 10 2013, 04:29 PM
Well, I thought Eric addressed the reason Nicole's name was on the hotel bill, since he mentioned something about the hotel being on her credit card/paying her back/providing a receipt. It seems logical that she would handle his travel arrangements as his secretary. I don't recall on which day this happened.

We know that he's being cold to her and that he seems quite uncomfortable when she's around. More so than, say, Kristen. Either GV has no control over his emoting or this is a deliberate choice. If it's deliberate, then it seems to be directed at Nicole. (Personally, I'd like her to walk away before she gets dragged down in the muck, but we know that won't happen.) So something about her is making him uncomfortable and we just don't know what it is yet -- that he has connected his memory to the hotel drugging and thinks it might have been Nicole in bed with him, that he thinks he's having dreams about Nicole and he feels guilty about it, that he's questioning his vocation based on what he thinks he might have done, that his collar's too tight, that the prop people are putting something sharp on his chair, etc., etc.
While this was never completely spelled out for us (that whole exchange was written kind of poorly, IMO), I'm guessing that Nicole settled Eric's bill for him because he hadn't prepaid for his hotel stay and was in no condition to sign for the payment himself before abruptly being checked out of the hotel and rushed to the hospital that night. If you pause the hotel receipt at the right moment (as I have), you can see that the hotel bill is for Eric's hotel room (he is listed as the occupant), but it was paid using Nicole's credit card (she is listed as the account holder).

As for the rest, Marlena (or any other psychologist or psychiatrist) would recognize that as classic displacement. He's upset about his recurring dream/memory and he's taking it out on Nicole. It's not coming across as anything more than that right now (to me, at least). Every time that he has snapped at her recently, it's been because she interrupted a memory of his dream or she tried to probe for more details about what had happened to him at the hotel that night. Kristen isn't doing that, which is why he doesn't seem cold or uncomfortable when he's around her.
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