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Sep 10 2013, 02:43 PM
Sep 10 2013, 08:07 AM
Sonny and Maxie scenes were :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:
Britt had a natural birth and kudos to her.
Sabrina is nothing but a twelve year old child. A nurse would have encouraged the patient to stay calm. She ran her mouth off in front of Nik because she was jealous that Britt found a prince and she stuck with Patrick.
The birthing scene was funny, I loved how Britt threw the towel from Nik hands across the room.
Team Nitta/Brik all the way.
At least Nik is having way more fun that sitting at home pining for Elizabeth. :rockon:
She ran her mouth off in front of Nik because she was jealous that Britt found a prince and she stuck with Patrick.

I disagree. Sabrina is not jealous of Britt at all, and she's very happy with Patrick, her prince. Sabrina hates Britt because Britt is evil. However,
one of the several reasons I dislike Pabrina is they're portrayed as a fairytale couple. It's a very unrealistic, juvenille storyline.

Nik is a full prince and billionaire and Patrick is a doctor. Sabrina is jealous of Britt because she has someone on her side and she rather Britt be alone while she rides off in the sunset with Patrick.
TPTB are trying to connect Britt & Nik not sure if they're gonna be just friends or lovers, but they have chemistry. I wouldn't be comfortable with
them as a couple, but at least she wouldn't be pining away for Patrick making his life hell anymore.

Nik and Britt are a modern day fairy tale based on the movie, Penelope. If the billionaire can marry the stripper from the Y&R, then Nik and Britt can be together.
Sep 10 2013, 09:50 PM
Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) tweeted this today (a fan ask if she was going to be paired with someone:
@kellythiebaud: @janietatt I am paired up with Nicholas.


Yay :rockon:

Team Britt/Nik all the way. Once Nik lays one on Britt she will be like Patrick who????

The soap opera line of the day belongs to Franco when he told Ava to leave his home. I was :roflol:
The STFU award goes to Felix because he thinks Britt baby should look like Brad, :soapbox:
They got Britt out of Patrick life and they need to leave her alone, period. :hail:
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