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CDN TV Guide Spoilers

Monday ("Hypnosis")
Eric reluctantly allows Marlena to hynotize him; Brady and Nicole continue to clash over her affections for Eric.

Tuesday ("Eric's Theories")
Eric confides in Father Matt about his radical theories; J.J. and his friends live the good life in Daniel's apartment.

Wednesday ("Stefano's Orders")
Stefano forces E.J. to obey him; Cameron struggles to accept that Abigail and Chad are together.

Thursday ("Vowing Revenge")
Theresa vows to exact revenge against Jennifer; Will is taken aback when he finds Gabi and Nick in a compromising situation.

Friday ("Special Gift")
Chad gives Abigail a special gift involving Jack; Nicole is tempted by a job offer; Sonny plays matchmaker for Gabi and Cameron.

National Equirer Spoilers
- EJ discovers Chad's secret and takes unfair advantage
- Kristen indirectly threatens Victor
- Daniel and Parker visit Chloe
- JJ breaks into Daniel's apartment and trouble ensues
- Nicole has a tempting job offer

Theresa offers Jennifer a hard-to-resist deal in exchange for her job back.
Anne makes it clear she’s willing to help Theresa with her revenge
Will unleashes his anger on Sonny when he realizes his boyfriend has been keeping secrets.
Rafe realizes he hasn’t made as much progress with Jordan as he thought.  
Daniel and JJ wind up in a heated argument just as Jennifer arrives.
Cameron struggles with accepting that Abigail is now with Chad. 
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