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Sammie Jo
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Sep 10 2013, 07:26 PM
Sep 10 2013, 07:09 PM
Poor, poor Adam. GMAB. Everyone forget what he done to her when she was married to him? Mourning their loss? Left home alone being lied to about "my car broke down."
She knew his history of stealing babies and his past. Yeah she foolishly forgave him because she didn't think he would treat her like he treated the other women.
But, gee, low and behold... he put his business ahead of Chelsea, he put his ex before Chelsea and when she tried to mend fences and tell him about the baby she see's 'S.L.U.T. INC. coming down the stairs wearing a little of nothing and a bigger smirk. Adam STILL didn't stick up for Chelsea.
I wouldn't trust that dirty bastard either.
Yeah she ripped Dylan's heart out. Where did the sudden love for him come from.
Dullan, boring, dead, worthless, sleeper. Just a few adjectives used for him. Now it's poor Dylan and poor Adam.
Chelsea was being selfish for good reason.
Selfish isn't the word for what Chelsea did. Yes, Adam was neglecting her, but it doesn't excuse the vindictive deceptive con-game she ran on a really
nice, but dull very niave guy, and keeping the truth from Adam. Chelsea was a woman scorned that didn't give a damn about who was gonna be hurt,
thinking that she would be able to pull off the lying game.

Karma is a bitch, and now Chelsea is gonna reap what she sowed. It's gonna be very ugly and messy. It could've been avoided if she told Adam the truth from
the start.
I don't think she was a woman scorned out for revenge, I think she was honestly scared that Adam would take the baby away from her. I totally understand that, what I don't understand is her not going to an atty and finding out her rights.
She screwed up there big time and with her cheering section Chloe hammering ideas into her head, she made the wrong choice.
I seriously doubt any one of us has made it through life without at least once being influenced by a friend who didn't have a clue what she was talking about, and we ended up in the soup because we listened.
Is she totally in love with Dylan? I don't know, she may be in love with the idea and fact that Dylan made her and the baby the center of his universe and protects her, unlike Adam. Another bonus is, Dylan doesn't have Sharon hanging around to occupy his time.
Yes, Karma is a bitch, and now Adam is getting some of his for his baby stealing ways.
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