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Sammie Jo
I don't care if Adam is sorry for the things he did in the past or not, he did some horrible things, do we forget he scared the crap out of Ashley, so much that she fell down the stairs and miscarried? Do we forget all the things he did before and after that, leading up to the baby switch, because he's sorry?
I loved that awful storyline. Adam scaring the crap out of Ashley too funny. Too bad she lost Victurd's 10th million kid. Anyway it was just collateral damage. I certainly didn't forgot what lead up to the baby switch. And it certainly did not have anything to do with Chelsea. She was not involved in Victurd/Ashley/Sharon baby drama.

Chelsea is a con, always will be a con and she knew who Adam was before she decided to marry and make a baby with him. I would not call it Karma, I call it part of life.

Chelsea got a huge settlement from her divorce, and the most sensible thing to do was to hire an Attorney. But instead she choose what she knows best - that is to con Dylan.
So now we get to see "the Con" versus "the evil". I can't feel bad for one and not feel bad for the other.
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