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S loves EJ
Sep 11 2013, 11:28 AM
While itīs not a nice brotherly thing to do of EJ to take advantage of Chad, he deserves it if he get Abby in bed by lying.
Even if Chad is lying, it's to Cameron, not to Abby. Chad hasn't told Abby that he's dying yet, so unless he tells her between now and the episode where they sleep together next week (which is highly unlikely), her decision to sleep with him will have nothing to do with his supposed brain tumor. Chad might have lied to Cameron, but what Cameron did afterward (pushing Abby toward Chad) is completely on him.

Frankly, I don't even really see why Abby would have any right to be upset with Chad at the moment. She probably will be if it turns out that he has been lying all along, of course, but she really doesn't have any right to be, IMO. It's not like she's only with Chad because she knows that he is dying and she wants to make his final days special -- her feelings for him are genuine and were there long before he got his diagnosis (whatever it was), and he hasn't done anything to influence her decision to be with him that he wasn't already doing before he received that diagnosis. At worst, Chad just told Cameron something that made Cameron choose to take himself out of the equation.

If I were Abby, I'd be more upset with Cameron for taking it upon himself to decide who I should be with and letting me get attached to and fall in love with a dying man. Cameron knows that if Abby gets more attached to Chad, that will just make it even harder for her to eventually lose him -- Cameron said as much on Monday's episode, yet he's still pushing her away and leaving her free to do exactly that (as far as he knows).
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