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Sep 11 2013, 01:08 PM
I used to hate Adam. He was one sorry ass piece of shit. And karma for him would have been getting Sharon pregnant and then Sharon lying about paternity and keeping baby from Adam, because that is the woman he victimized over and over.

Chelsea knew all about Adam's past. They were thrilled about their first baby. She didn't have daydreams he would take it away from her, did he? NO. Only when they broke up and she was not first choice in her eyes and he chose Newman is when she came up with this cockamamie theory she's scared of Adam stealing her child. There's not one shread of evidence of that. I mean, it's baseless. Even if he cheated with Sharon which it was more emotional than physical, it still doesn't mean he's going to "steal" her baby.

Adam loved Chelsea the whole time and he screwed up helping Sharon but that didn't go anywhere despite Sharon's best efforts. I mean, we saw how she threw herself at him. But the fact of the matter is Chelsea's excuse is bullshit and I'm tired of her making excuses for it. I mean, I'm tired of it taking plyers to pry that shit out of her mouth and admit that the baby is Adam's.

I mean, Adam was scum but he wasn't scum in his marriage to Chelsea. They were happy and in love. But even if they got divorced, Adam wanted a kid and he was clear about that and Chelsea was too pissed off at him to allow him to be a father so she took it away from him and created another life for herself based on a lie.

So the breakup may be Adam's fault, but this baby drama bullshit is all Chelsea's fault.

I mean, if I married a bank robber from years before and he was reformed and we were happy, if we break up because he stopped loving me, I couldn't go hiding all the money and telling the lawyers my husband is a thief now and can't be trusted. I mean, I trusted him enough to marry him. Chelsea needs to man up and admit her mistakes and try to be forgiven.
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