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Sep 11 2013, 11:48 AM
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Rafe - Obviously Sami's case hinges on proving that Bernardi was on the take so EJ wants me to remember something from when we worked together; something that would prove it. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to stand up there and lie. Dan - I'm sure he took that well. Rafe - He reminded me that you and I had no problem lying when Nicole was pregnant with his baby. Dan - If that baby had lived we might both still be lying. Rafe - As far as I'm concerned there's a big difference in lying to keep a child from EJ's influence than lying under oath. Dan - And that's because of what could happen to you. If you get tripped up on that stand ... Rafe - The jury could turn and convict her right then and there. Dan - Well if you believe Sami's version of what happened ... Rafe - I do. Dan - Then the best thing to do IMO is tell the truth. Rafe - That's what I intend to do and hopefully everyone else does as well then Sami may stand a chance.
I have to LOL at how hard the writers are trying (and failing) to not make Rafe look like a hypocrite for being willing to lie for Sami when he was having sex with her, but not being willing to lie for her now.
This is a really funny sentence, Tom.
It's full of double negatives that I'm hoping confuse people into not knowing whether to like or dislike it.
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