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Sep 10 2013, 08:50 PM
She didn't have a problem having sex with Adam because she still loved him. Had her loved her instead of the business and being with Tramp Central his marriage may have worked and they may have not gotten divorced.
Her past keeps getting brought back up too.

You don't keep a child away from a parent unless you know for damn sure that the parent in question has a history of mental/physical abuse.

What he did to Ashley and Sharon isn't mental or physical abuse? That is history and he is guilty as charged.
Leaving someone alone to grieve when they are part of that grief... that is mental abuse.
Why is he getting a pass? He's still being a dastardly bastard. Why doesn't he apologize for all the rotten shit he's done to her.

No matter, it will end up with them back together again anyway. At least he won't be with Sharon.
^o) ^o)
As far as Share-a- bed and Ashley goes, yes I'm willing to admit he did do some horrible things to them...BUT, is he still doing them? Look @ Victor, Nikki, Gloria,Ashley,Billy,Victoria,Sharon, Paul, Lauren, (My girl isn't innocent either) Kay, Jill,Phyllis, etc..the damn list is STAGGERING with nothing but people on this show who ALL have done things in the past that Should damn near keep social services camped out on their front lawns! Why is Adam's misdeeds So horrible that he was deemed UNFIT by a jury of peers that have children...When did Chelsea get gas lighted by him? Did he kidnap Johnny and give the baby to Jack? :toetap:

My point is, Why does the REST of GC get a free pass for their mistakes (A.K.A. KEVIN especially) when his mess is thrown in his face on a daily basis...
And why do you feel like Chelsea is RIGHT for keeping a Child from forming his OWN opinion on rather his biological parent should be part of his life...For crying out loud,How would she explain to him & Dylan 18 years from now that Adam was really his dad? Do you really think the kid would be honored to be lied to? BETTER yet, what if Adam really left GC and the child needed bone marrow from him? I guess you're saying it's ok to sweep certain things about a child's DNA under the rug...Now, wouldn't that be the SAME as stealing Faith and giving her to Ashley?? IMO, it would be karma @ it's finest..So I say AGAIN...Why keep punishing him for the same offense over over again?
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