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That's what I don't get is how Chloe can sit here and call Adam a Monster when Kevin has done just as bad. He tried to kill Colleen a couple of times, burned down a restaurant, kidnapped Lauren and almost killed her, gave Lily an STD and more and he's not a monster and she can defend him yet when it comes to Adam he is unforgivable. I am not saying Adam is a saint and I am not saying Adam didn't make mistakes in his marriage but Adam did nothing to her to warrant this. Everyone likes to say when the baby died Adam mentally abused her by making her go through it alone> That's not mental abuse though that is two people hurting and handling it the only way they know how. Yes she wanted him to talk about it but really when you saw him he was hurting to much to talk about it. As for Sharon I can see why he helped but he should have told Chelsea from the start about helping her. But Adam was not wrong for helping her. Even when Chelsea kept trying to tell Adam about the baby and Sharon kept popping up Adam told her nothing was going on and kept trying to get her back.

Once again I am not saying Adam was perfect but he was not a bad husband or evil as to her as their trying to make him out to be. She is upset he wanted to stay and work at Newman and prove something to his family than move to Paris with her. I get that but in the same maybe she should try and understand why it's important to him to prove something to his family. He opened up to her about the lost of their child and why he pushed it down even admitting to her his mistakes in regards to helping Sharon without telling her and she understood and forgave him which is how you got the baby now. So it's not like she didn't forgive him. I just think she is hurt and feels he would never put her or the child first in his life when it comes to his family and I just think he is hurt because the one person he loved and trusted more than anyone has done this to me.
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