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My first day watching at noon!

Okay, I love that JJ actually thought about and stuck up for Rory as I hated that he tried to throw him under the bus when he got arrested. I hope he thought the better of that.

Justin as superlawyer is always welcome.

I love how JJ being a minor is mentioned for this as a reason why he'll be lightly treated, but everyone acts like Will shooting EJ when he was younger is going to send him away forever when he was also a minor. (Show, please resolve that, the well has run dry.)

Jennifer is a sanctimonious bitch who hasn't even thought of sending JJ to see Marlena.

Brady and Chloe must have gotten an annulment or Days Catholic rules on getting married in the church are different.

I love the scenes between Stefano and Kristen with her crazy priest-raping scheme treated by both as logical and normal behavior. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, even if she's adopted.

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