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Sep 13 2013, 04:00 PM
My goodness, they are going there, aren't they? Everyone from Eric to Brady to Marlena will believe that Nicole would do something like that to Eric. Soooooo NOT looking forward to that.
And this would be a much more intense, much more dramatic story IF Eric had been showing us all along that he's desperately fighting off his attraction to Nicole. From the videos I've seen - hasn't it all been pretty one-sided as far as dreams/fantasies go on Nicole's part? It should be killing Eric to be around Nicole. He should be thinking things he doesn't want to think. It should be taking everything he has to stay away from her. There should always be this angst/desperation in all their encounters, with the sexual tension being off the scale. That way, when this stupid reveal happens, it will destroy Eric's entire world, and we will all understand why and empathize with him. And once he gets past the initial shock and anguish, he should realize what the truth actually is, and believe she could never do that to him, because he knows her and loves her (even if he won't admit it to himself). Let the rest of Salem believe it was Nicole, but Eric should be her valiant defender.

As far as the pics go - Chad looks pretty. I'm wondering if they'll seal the deal or if Cameron will mess everything up before it happens.

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