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Panda Panda
Sep 13 2013, 04:39 PM
If Eric had been fantasizing about Nicole then he wouldn't have connected his "dreams" to what happened to him in the Hotel. He would have chalked them up to his fantasies about Nicole.

Also, having Eric dream about Nicole in a sexual way or think about her constantly would be such a waste, imo. Because it would make the years he spent training to be a priest and his dedication to his faith seem flimsy and unimportant to him if he's so easily swayed/attracted by the first woman he meets up with in Salem.
I guess I disagree. He could have been having fantasies and dreams about Nicole, which would make the hotel incident even more confusing for him - was it actually an encounter with Nicole, or is he imagining it because he's been imagining it so often? Which would make him confused and guilty and probably even more freaked out. It would make his situation more compelling, IMO.

And I don't think Eric fantasizing about Nicole would be a waste. It wouldn't make his commitment to being a priest flimsy or unimportant. It would show him being a real, actual man. I'd be willing to bet that even priests face temptation and entertain notions that they probably shouldn't be entertaining. I would see/believe more in his dedication to being a priest if I saw him struggling with that temptation and resisting it time and again. It would up the drama, it would up the conflict, and it would make me root for Ericole even harder. This is such a huge obstacle between them, but the show isn't playing it up the way they should be. The bigger they make this obstacle, the more Eric has to struggle to stay true to his vows, the higher the ante and eventual payoff would be. Plus, forbidden storylines are always fun. ;)

He's also not being easily swayed by some random chick he's run across. This is Nicole. He LOVED her. His relationship after her failed because he was still in love with Nicole. The last thing he said to Nicole when he left Salem was that he loved her. As far as Days is concerned, Nicole's been the only woman for Eric. She was his only real relationship on the show, was his first love, and he's been gone for 12 years with no other love interest that we're aware of. If we were talking about Gabi or Theresa or something, I'd feel totally different. It wouldn't be the same. Part of what makes a potential relationship between them believable is that shared past/history.

I just think the show has totally screwed the different potential beats in this story. As it is now, it's just one giant snoozefest.
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