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Sep 13 2013, 04:28 AM
Random observations. I liked how Sonny was talking about "our family"...not "our families"...like he is a part of Will's family or vice versa. It just sounded sweet.

And I don't want to start a whole EJ/Lucas war on here because I'm not partial to either but I find it odd that while Sami is in jail that Ally is still living at the Demira mansion with EJ. Where the hell is Lucas? I just can't see him being okay with that.
I was discussing that with some twitter friends last week. You would think that Lucas would have Allie. I know he would not want to leave her at the Dimera mansion when Sami is not there. Even if the writers don't want to write for Lucas right now, they could have had someone mention that Allie was staying with Lucas while Sami is in jail. That would be so easy, especially since we hardly ever see her anyway. It would definitely be more realistic than believing that Lucas was okay with Allie staying at the Dimera mansion all these months while her mother is not even there.
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