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Sep 11 2013, 02:46 PM

Not to mention insulting to the show's history by retconning a member of the Abbott family. If they want more Abbotts just bring back Traci fulltime, Dina Mergeron, Keemo, and make Summer an Abbott!!! And get Jack a wife, a real one who wants him, problem solved.

YES! Why bring in all these newbies NO ONE cares about to these shows when there are characters who are family members not even used. Get Ashley back full time! Summer should be an Abbott! Why does Jack ALWAYS get the shaft and the character of Victor always comes out on top. Even if Jack gets a win...it doesn't last. The writers always favor the character of Victor. Where is Keemo? Replace Phyliss ...they need her where she is Michelle Stafford or not..characters can always be replaced. It won't be the same, but at least the character would be contributing. They need Phyliss in this stupid Summer story. Why have they totally bombed the Sharon Character? They have screwed her up so much, I don't think we will ever have a fix for her. What a waste! The writers have screwed this show up so much it is not worth watching. Get an Abby that contributes to the show. Who is this new Abby and who cares? Jack always loses the woman. His heart is much better than Victor's....so why does he always get screwed? Sorry, I am just so over stupidity and the destruction of characters. Why have a joke of a marriage with Paul and Christine who is never there? Nina is more interesting than Christine! Now they have given Kay's grandson she barely knew 2 billion dollars! That is crazy! It looks like Dylan will be Nickie's son. That story was pulled out of thin air. :shrug: If they don't want the person who played Dru back, hire someone else and let finding out she is Dru play out so we can accept another person in that role....rather than pull this current story with Neil out of thin air. That is not creative writing.

GETS SOME WRITERS WHO KNOW THE HISTORY OF THIS SHOW AND DEVELOP STORIES BASED ON THE HISTORY. Then slip in something new once in awhile and let it play out so watchers get invested.

Sorry...I guess my venting took over. Writers are doing this will all the soaps...forgetting history and not bringing in people who already have a place in the show.
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