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Sep 13 2013, 10:21 PM
Sep 13 2013, 09:42 PM
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Sep 13 2013, 09:23 PM
Didn't GG say something about it'll be interesting to see who Rafe ends up with? Since its obviously looking like it'll be Jordan wonder if they are chem testing for Rafe/Hope and he's getting the vibe that it might possible go there.
didn't they do a ridiculous screen test with Hope & Rafe with Sami's scarf in the HTS back at the beginning of the year?
i'm still not feeling Hope/Rafe as a romantic pairing, but I could see them becoming really good friends, especially since they are supposed to be work partners. it would make sense to have Rafe be a supportive friend if Bo does "die", or even if Ciara's simply missing her daddy around Christmastime.
i think they were screen-testing them during the Fafe storyline too.

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Hope & Fafe proved that Kristian & Galen could do an awesome comedy/snark skit together. lol
Kristian and Galen look great together onscreen not only as two gorgeous actors but chemistry wise their playful banter has always come across genuine and fun. They have comedic chops and the show does well when it highlights those attributes. I'm glad we are getting more Rafe and Hope together in the future because like Rafe with Nicole they make cute friends. Usually Rafe's scenes with both women have had comedy/snark to liven the interactions and I think it benefits all the characters. I know it makes me a happier viewer to watch solid friendship being displayed with some humor attached. I'd like too if they let these friendships stay without feeling it necessary to push them into a romantic relationship. Let them be enjoyable as is and keep writing for them.
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