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Sep 14 2013, 10:50 AM
Sep 13 2013, 11:18 PM
Sep 13 2013, 10:25 PM
Yeah, I really don't have a problem with Eric thinking it's Nicole. It's angsty, and if played the right way, I think could be really good. We know the truth is going to come out soon anyway. We may as well get some good Ericole angst out of it!
falling in love with a guy who thinks so little of you that you are capable of drugging and raping him... Not my version of romantic angst.
I'd rather see Nicole celibate for the rest of time that lower herself yet again to be insecure enough to bed someone who thinks so little of her.

I just don't think it's unreasonable for Eric to think it was Nicole. She left him for Lucas and a paycheck worth $5 million. Not to mention all of the things Nicole is guilty of doing in the past. Just because she's been on a path to righteousness for the better part of the year doesn't mean that the whole town (including Eric) wouldn't believe that she could do something like this.
If he thinks Nicole would do this to him, then he is not worthy of her. This is rape, much more serious than marrying someone for $5 million. . I could understand him drawing that conclusion if during their time together Nicole was flirting with him, and trying to get him into bed, but as it stands, he does not even know that she is in love with him. As far is he is concerned she still has feelings for Brady. She has been nothing but good and supportive towards him and has given him no cause to believe that she would stoop to such levels.

He obviously won't be seeing the face of the person that was raping him, and he is just remembering that he was having sex with someone, and on that basis alone he is going to think that Nicole is the one that did it? The fact that she is refusing to discuss with him any further what happened at the hotel, is really not a good reason to draw that conclusion either. Nicole told him what happened and more than once at the time. She was perfectly willing to discuss what was happening with Erich when he was having his flashback and he kept snapping at her, not wanting to talk. Now, he wants to discuss it and she doesn't will lead him to think she did such an awful thing to him. This is an awful story, if this is the way they are going with it, I am hoping that Nicole does not give him the time of day after that & she falls out of love with him at her usual speed.

I would just conclude that. Eric does not know her as well as he claimed, he does not love her to even harbour such a thought, he certainly does not trust her, and he would be going back on his belief that she has changed.

This would be excruciating for me to watch, not entertaining, simply because I genuinely thought they were building a real love story between Eric and Nicole. It is not Nicole that is going to look bad in this ( to the audience that is) it is Eric, because I am sure they are not going to have him investigate properly, before coming to that conclusion. It would be all contrived just like Susan managing to so easily destroy the evidence that would implicate her, in order for Nicole to end up being blamed. We not long ago watched Nicole lose her second baby, not looking forward to seeing someone who I thought had her back, think she would rape him.

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