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Wow what a surprise. What on earth happened that week that was different?

No Show

Brady puts his and Kristen's future in Eric's hands; Marlena tries to get information about Kristen; Sonny and Gabi fight about Nick; Caroline confronts Nick.

Adrienne finds information that could help Sami's case; J.J. finds himself in trouble; Abigail talks to Daniel about Jennifer; Stefano and Rafe argue.

Eric continues to feel uneasy about the night he got sick; Jennifer learns J.J. was arrested; E.J. pushes Justin to move forward with Sami's trial; Kae tries to shake Jordan.

Justin confronts E.J. about the money in Bernardi's son's account; Jennifer calls J.J. out on his behavior; Theresa and Abigail fight; Kristen reacts to an idea of Brady's.
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