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Sweet and Salty

Sep 13 2013, 06:29 PM
Sep 13 2013, 05:46 PM
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Sep 13 2013, 03:41 PM
And for the record J.J can do anything he wants to his bitch of a mother and I would be on his side. They have destroyed her character to the point..I WANT HER FUCKING GONE! I have to tape this shit and FF later! Screw you Corday!
His bitch of a mother hasn't been a mother to him in years and that's why he's behaving as he is. She shipped him off to boarding school and seemed to have forgotten about him. Then his father dies and instead of bringing him home to cope with the loss, she leaves him there and proceeds to chase after Orange Dong. Yeah, I can completely see why the kid is a mess and why he resents his mother so much. It's pretty freaking obvious why he resents that shrew. And no, I don't care if JJ supposedly wanted to stay at school after Jack's death. Bitchifer should have brought him home and tended to him. I guess getting a ride on Daniel's glow stick was more important? She deserves whatever he hands out for being such a pathetic excuse of a parent.
What annoys me is TIIC having JJ reiterate over and over that he didn't want to come to Salem after Jack died--as if that somehow excuses Jen-Jen for neglecting him. Newsflash, chimps: planes fly in two directions. There was nothing to stop Jennifer from going to London and spending a lengthy amount of time there, or even relocating there permanently. She wasn't employed at the hospital when Jack died. She clearly wasn't hurting for money if she could afford to pay JJ's school fees in another country. And even if she did find herself financially struggling after Jack's death, it's cheaper to maintain one household in one place, so, again--she could have moved back to London. No conflict about her daughter either: Abigail is an adult and can live where she chooses, whether Salem or the UK. But I guess being in the same country as her troubled, bereaved teenage son would have interfered with her pursuit of Daniel, so of course she just had to stay in Salem. :rolleyes:
I see JJ being away at boarding school as a moot point . TPTB didn't see fit to cast a teenaged JJ until now so that can't be placed on Jenn's shoulders as bad parenting. It's like saying Bo is a bad father to Cierra because PR is off the show. We didn't get to see if or how often they visited or if it was JJ's own descision to stay in London. What we do know is that he got in trouble at boarding school when he didn't even know orange glow stick existed and that he's been lying to his mother since the first day he set foot in Salem, even when his mother believed his lies. She stuck up for him, believed in him , stopped seeing Daniel , gave him chances but he's the one who screwed up, not her. He will be crawling home soon enough and rotten mother that she is, she will take him in. I agree that JJ needs help and the whole family could use some counselling but I don't believe that Jen seeing Daniel or any other man is cause for her son to act so rebellious. I'm just curious what a 30 something year old Theresa is using as an excuse for being such a loser. I hope JJ doesn't fall in her trap.
No, Dr. Dan ISN'T the source of JJ's anger, but he sure as :censored: isnt helping. Definitely exacerbating! And, yes, Ciara is acting out because TBTB aren't explaining where Daddy is. I do understand what you're saying though.
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