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Go Away Daniel.

Sep 14 2013, 10:18 AM
Adrienne gets up from the bench in the hallway when she sees Justin. How's the trial going? Justin - Fine. Actually we probably shouldn't even be talking given that you're here to testify for the prosecution. Adrienne - Yes but given the fact that I'm the one who came forward with the evidence that could help you win Sami's case I thought ... Justin - What? Adrienne - I thought this could be a first step. Justin - Towards? Adrienne - Us working things out.

Justin - I appreciate you coming forward with the information about Timmy Bernardi's bank account and I'm also sorry that we haven't had a chance to speak lately. Adrienne - I understand. I'm sure you've been busy preparing for the case and I am testifying for the prosecution. Justin - There is that. Adrienne - I just want justice. Justin - That's what I want too. Adrienne - I don't want to fight and I don't want to live apart. It just seems so strange and sad. I miss you. Maybe when all this is over we can start talking again. Justin - I hope so. Adrienne - You probably have to get going. Justin - Yeah, I do. Adrienne - Good luck. Justin - Thanks.

Adrienne - I am so sorry Marge. I know the truth must have been so difficult to hear. Marge - The truth! You have no idea what the truth is. You struck up a friendly conversation with my son so you could sneak a look at his belongings. Adrienne - No, he dropped his bag and his little passbook. I was only trying to help. Marge - You were only trying to help yourself worm your way back into your husband's good graces. Adrienne - No, that's not why I came forward. I always said I wanted justice. Isn't that what you want too? Marge - My husband is dead. Dead! The only justice is that Sami Brady spends the rest of her life behind bars.

I was so confused by the scenes between Justin/Adrienne/Marge. I feel as though I missed an episode with Adrienne coming forward with evidence that would help the case. I also do not remember a scene between Adrienne and Marge's son.

Did all this happen off-screen? Or have I missed an episode?
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