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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Good for Dan's ex. Ha! Can't say I'd be happy if I spent an entire summer supporting someone I loved only for them to dump me the second they got out. It was no secret that Dan was trying to use BB as a launch for a entertainment career, but still. I liked Rylan in the house back in Jan., but didn't care for him or AJ on BOTS. They both came off as trying way too hard. I also hardly see Rylan as Dan's type. Screams desperate on Dan's part.

BB AUS has their own version with Tully. Went to the house 100% lesbian and proud, gushed over her girlfriend, only to start heavily flirting with a guy and confessing her love for him weeks after they met. Now she proclaims that when she's with a girl she's lesbian and when she's with a guy she's bisexual. Her girlfriend is handling it more maturely I suppose.
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