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Sep 15 2013, 09:05 PM
I know I probably shouldn't look into it that much, but I find it interesting that Guy Wilson is following Matthew Ashford on Twitter. Hopefully it means something, like Jack could be coming back, but I very much doubt it since he is also following Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick.

I wonder what would prompt him to follow Matt though? It's not like DAYS considers Ashford important... I suppose Guy could be a fan of him though. He also mentioned on Twitter that he had auditioned for another role on the show and had been close to getting it... but I can't see him having worked with Matthew through that unless he auditioned a while back, because they haven't cast anyone directly associated with Jack while MA was still on the show in a while.

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I'd guess he knows them, or has met couple times and knows that they have been on DAYS and that's why he's following them. :shrug: I also noticed he's following Matt and found it a bit odd. I think Carly could be right, who knows.. I, and we can only hope that Matt comes back. :wub:
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