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Sep 16 2013, 08:30 AM
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Sep 16 2013, 01:29 AM
I think Stefano has real evidence that could free Sami so I donīt think he needs to tamper with it, he probably has the razor or maybe Bernadi is still alive.
Yes but why if a known criminal (who has a history of being able to make fake people not just fake evidence) turns up with proof would a court believe that the evidence would be viable proof when its already been proven that the accused has tried to pervert the course of justice by obstructing evidence and planting evidence.

Why doesn't Stefano just have a doppleganger Bernardi turn up in court and say its all Ok people that was just a fake Bernardi that Marge cremated. I am a dirty cop. I was on the take.

If you can make a fake Rafe you can make a fake razor with fake Bernardi DNA on it.

Although I guess all you need is reasonable doubt.

But can't we throw them in jail for proven perjury? ie we don't know Bernardi.

Stefano doesn't just turn up with the evidence. Instead, he creates a way to get it in the hands of the police that makes it look legit. There is an anonymous tip that a nurse at the hospital has it. It turns out she was having an affair with Bernardi and there is the razor, as well as evidence the two were planning to skip town found at her house.
I figured that Stefano would find a way to get the "evidence" out without implicating himself.

I doubt that Bernardi was really having an affair with this nurse. That's just how Stefano will make it look so that the evidence found at her house will seem legit.
Yeah, the article didn't say whether anything with the nurse was actually true or just stuff that Stefano planted to make her and Bernardi look guilty. Although somebody had to actually grab the razor from Rafe's room, so maybe she really was the one that did. Regardless, I appreciate that the writers actually bothered to created a semi-realistic way to get the evidence in police hands.
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