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Sep 16 2013, 01:50 PM
My original post:

Sep 15 2013, 09:05 PM

I know I probably shouldn't look into it that much, but I find it interesting that Guy Wilson is following Matthew Ashford on Twitter. Hopefully it means something, like Jack could be coming back, but I very much doubt it since he is also following Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick.

I wonder what would prompt him to follow Matt though? It's not like DAYS considers Ashford important... I suppose Guy could be a fan of him though. He also mentioned on Twitter that he had auditioned for another role on the show and had been close to getting it... but I can't see him having worked with Matthew through that unless he auditioned a while back, because they haven't cast anyone directly associated with Jack while MA was still on the show in a while.


Team WilSon's reply:

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I'd guess he knows them, or has met couple times and knows that they have been on DAYS and that's why he's following them. :shrug: I also noticed he's following Matt and found it a bit odd. I think Carly could be right, who knows.. I, and we can only hope that Matt comes back. :wub:

I'd be curious to hear other perspectives, as it is highly probable that I could be overthinking it/being a tad too neurotic! :tounge:
I think he just looked up which Days actors (past and/or present) were on Twitter and followed them as a way of getting to know new co-workers and the show's history before he starts working. It probably helps break the ice during the first conversations on set. Rather than talking about the weather, he can talk to other actors about the things they tweeted.
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