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I figured that Stefano would find a way to get the "evidence" out without implicating himself.

I doubt that Bernardi was really having an affair with this nurse. That's just how Stefano will make it look so that the evidence found at her house will seem legit.
Yeah, the article didn't say whether anything with the nurse was actually true or just stuff that Stefano planted to make her and Bernardi look guilty. Although somebody had to actually grab the razor from Rafe's room, so maybe she really was the one that did. Regardless, I appreciate that the writers actually bothered to created a semi-realistic way to get the evidence in police hands.
I think it's too bad that Marge and little Timmy will have to deal with issue that Bernardi was killed because he was a corrupt police officer in the midst of committing a crime while he was cheating on Marge and planning to desert her and Timmy.That's a lot for Marge and Timmy to have to deal with for the rest of their life.I mean it's one thing to become corrupt for the purpose of making what you believe to be a better life for your family because you love them and quite another to be told he committed serious crimes for financial gain for himself and another woman.
Sucks a lot for Timmy. Not only does he have to deal with all the crap about his dad but poor guy has Marge as his mom.
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