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Sep 16 2013, 02:46 AM
S loves EJ
Sep 16 2013, 02:40 AM
Can you bring up Stefanoīs past crimes as a way to make look like a less credible witness, when he hasnīt been convicted of any (as far as I know). I know the prosecuter said that Samiīs fianceeīcomes from a criminal family, but I thought it was weirs if she really has the right to say so when EJ has not been convicted of any of his crimes.

As for perjury maybe the writers havenīt thought of it, or maybe itīs comman that the police decides not to press charges if the defended turns out to be innocent.
Good point. I guess Stefano's background is inadmissable.

Who knew the Brady's poor policing skills would one day be beneficial to one of their own.
Except for that one time in the 80s when he disappeared after Marlena shot him, because he had kidnapped the twins. Or that time in the 90s that he blackmailed Mike Horton to get him entrance into Marlena's penthouse and could tell no one he was in Salem, or he'd be arrested. Or that time he only got pardoned from his crimes because he saved Roman's life. Or that time he left Salem after shooting John, which was in addition to his crimes against, I believe, Hope, Greta, possibly Vivian? Actually, there is a known criminal history. Would you look at that.
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