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Sep 16 2013, 07:11 PM
Sep 16 2013, 06:54 AM
Sep 16 2013, 02:01 AM
Will unleashes his anger on Sonny when he realizes his boyfriend has been keeping secrets.

I'm sure that the writers will probably only let Will find out about the lesser of the two secrets that Sonny is keeping from Will -- that Gabi is sleeping with Nick, not that she hired Andrew to stalk her and later kept information about Melanie's kidnapping from the police (they seem determined to draw the latter reveal out until Casey Deidrick's departure, if not later) -- and that's really annoying, but this is still a start.

And while I'm sure that they will work everything out quickly, Will has every right to be upset with Sonny because of this, since a secret was responsible for their last breakup. There's also the fact that both of the secrets that Sonny is keeping from Will are things that Will really deserves to know about his child's mother, which gives him even more justification for being upset. And Will knows that there is another secret about Gabi that Sonny is keeping from him -- if the writers allow him to remember that fact, of course -- so he'll have a right to wonder if Sonny is the only one who is allowed to keep secrets in their relationship. (He'll know that Sonny's original secret about Gabi wasn't that Gabi had started sleeping with Nick again, because the timing won't add up -- Sonny's been keeping the original secret for nearly a year.)

I'm still annoyed about the fact that Sonny doesn't seem to feel more guilty about this. Yes, we've seen a few brief shots of nervous looks since he started hiding Gabi and Nick's disgusting sexcapades from Will, but we've never really seen him agonize about the fact that he's keeping a major secret about Gabi's past with Andrew from Will. That seems out of character for Sonny, given their history. The fact that it was all just kept a secret to give the writers more freedom to pursue their "Nick gets away with everything because he's supposedly smarter than everyone else in the world and Will can do nothing to stop him" agenda during Gabi's pregnancy makes it even more annoying. When that secret finally gets revealed, I'd love to hear Will point out that knowing that information back in February could have made the outcome of Nick's blackmail scheme a lot different, but the writers will probably never acknowledge that fact.

At the very least, I hope that after Will lashes out at Sonny for keeping this secret, we finally get to start seeing Sonny feel conflicted about keeping that other secret from Will.
I agree that Gabi having comfort sex with Nick was ill advised,I did not find it disgusting.Nick indicated prior to divorcing Gabi that he was doing so because he did not believe he was honest with her or himself about his feeling for her prior to marrying although he still had feeling for her.Prior to making love to Gabi Nick made is clear to Gabi that he still thought she was special and he cared about her.Given that Gabi loved Nick when she married him,I don't find it strange that she would turn to Nick for comfort.
Sonny did not tell Will about the sex because he did not want to create a tense situation between them and Gabi since Gabi told him,she was staying in the apartment for Will so he and Sonny could see Arianna every day instead of merely having visitations and she could have moved into Rafe's apartment with Arianna when she would be able to have any visitors she wants.Quite a few single moms no longer in a relationship with the baby daddy have their own residence with baby daddy visitation and baby daddy does not have veto rights as to the mom's relationships or significant others.If Will has the right to know what kind of woman Gabi is concerning the stalker mess with Andrew and Melanie,Gabi also has the right to know that Will was capable of attempted murder,his mother not only short Bernardi but shot EJ in the head while EJ was unconscious,Will attempted to steal the video tape of Sami confessing to shooting EJ,Will attempted to blackmail EJ,Will stole information from Abe's computer during the mayoral campaign,and Will aided in EJ's escape from custody while charged with murder.Gabi should know that Ariann's grandmother,who will likely have access to her,was capable of killing not only in defense of another person but also capable of attempting to kill a defenseless man.
Plus, Gabi deserves to know the part Will played in causing her sister's death while in his pursuit to aid in the cover up said attempted murder.
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