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Sep 17 2013, 11:13 AM
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Sep 17 2013, 12:56 AM
[...]those smirks get on my last nerve.
I'm unabashedly biased, but I have never noticed these so-called "inappropriate smirks" of Chandler Massey's. To me, it just seems like they're the "in" thing to complain about right now, just like complaining about the pairing of Daniel and Jennifer is the "in" thing to do on this site (even on days when they aren't being shown, which makes absolutely no sense to me -- if people are that sick of them, they should be relishing the opportunity to take a break from talking about them once in a while, IMO). I can't stand Daniel and Jennifer either, but the constant complaints about them get a bit tedious and predictable after a while -- that's all that I'm saying. I don't even complain that much about James Scott's inexplicable need to blink rapidly throughout each scene or Greg Vaughan's inexplicable need to be duller than a butter knife.

On the other hand, I have noticed some awkward smiles from time to time that seem completely appropriate to Will, who has never been the most confident and self-assured character on the canvas. They are a quirky character mannerism of his that I will miss when Chandler leaves the role.

Okay, that concludes my minor soapbox moment for the night.
I'm going to need someone to make you some screencaps, which shouldn't be difficult since he does it in almost every episode. As far as it being the "in" thing to complain about, no. Many of us have been complaining about it since they day he took over the role. And yes, you do complain that much about EJ. Maybe not Eric, but definitely EJ.
screw the screen caps, we need a youtube video with all the grinning....

My biggest issue is that he doesn't just grin but he does it often and at the wrong times.....
Do you know how long that video would be?

I think this guy looks too old to play Will, but since he's on the older side, he might be less likely to jump ship, thinking he's going to make it big as soon as his four years are up.
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