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Sep 17 2013, 03:40 PM
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Sep 17 2013, 12:56 AM
[...]those smirks get on my last nerve.
I'm unabashedly biased, but I have never noticed these so-called "inappropriate smirks" of Chandler Massey's. To me, it just seems like they're the "in" thing to complain about right now, just like complaining about the pairing of Daniel and Jennifer is the "in" thing to do on this site (even on days when they aren't being shown, which makes absolutely no sense to me -- if people are that sick of them, they should be relishing the opportunity to take a break from talking about them once in a while, IMO). I can't stand Daniel and Jennifer either, but the constant complaints about them get a bit tedious and predictable after a while -- that's all that I'm saying. I don't even complain that much about James Scott's inexplicable need to blink rapidly throughout each scene or Greg Vaughan's inexplicable need to be duller than a butter knife.

On the other hand, I have noticed some awkward smiles from time to time that seem completely appropriate to Will, who has never been the most confident and self-assured character on the canvas. They are a quirky character mannerism of his that I will miss when Chandler leaves the role.

Okay, that concludes my minor soapbox moment for the night.
I'm going to need someone to make you some screencaps, which shouldn't be difficult since he does it in almost every episode. As far as it being the "in" thing to complain about, no. Many of us have been complaining about it since they day he took over the role. And yes, you do complain that much about EJ. Maybe not Eric, but definitely EJ.
I didn't say anything about E.J. or Eric. I said things about James Scott and Greg Vaughan, but I said nothing about E.J. or Eric. I also mentioned very specific complaints about each person -- not complaints in general, but one specific complaint about each actor.

As for the rest, I don't need screen caps or videos -- I've seen every single moment of Chandler's performance, from the first day that he aired to the present day. I just don't see what some of you are seeing when I watch those scenes. Part of the problem is that I take issue with the use of the word "smirk" to describe what you are seeing as "inappropriate". The word "smirk" implies a cocky, arrogant, smug, self-satisfied sort of expression* that Will simply isn't capable of pulling off (and neither is Chandler, for that matter, from everything that I've seen, heard, and read about him). He's never really been that sort of character; the closest that he's ever come to being that sort of character was when he was working for E.J. and pissed off at Sami for cheating on Rafe, but even then, he simply wasn't confident and self-assured enough to pull off "smirks" because he was still struggling with his sexuality at that time.

E.J. smirks. Stefano smirks. John smirks. Melinda smirks like it's the only expression that she has in her arsenal. Will doesn't smirk, and seeing people complain about his "inappropriate smirks" is about as weird to me as seeing people accuse a kid like Johnny of smirking -- a kid who isn't really even old enough to have anything to be smug or cocky about -- would be.

*Before anyone bothers to point this out, yes, I'm aware that you can go to an online dictionary and find "silly" as another descriptor for a smirk, but the fact remains that the word does not really evoke thoughts of "silliness". If I polled people, "silly" would probably be one of the last words that they would choose to describe a smirk.

And yes, I'm being that guy -- the one who lectures people about things like grammar and the proper use of words -- again. It can't be helped sometimes; I take such things pretty seriously.
I know what smirk means, and know what smirks look like. And while I realize you named specifics quirks of the others, that really doesn't make a difference. You complain about things that bother you all the time. If you're choosing not to complain about other things, that's on you. I don't constantly complain that Chandler shakes his head excessively either. But I do complain about the smirking because it distracts me during a lot of his scenes. I've seen MANY kids smirk. Just because you're choosing to only acknowledge one definition of the word doesn't mean the rest of us have to. Dude smirks. It bothers me and doesn't bother you. It's as simple as that.
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