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Sep 17 2013, 01:54 AM
Will's barely on. I know he has a fanbase. So do a lot of characters and actors that have been recast who were being used a lot more prominently than Will is. I could have seen it as a bigger deal under MarDar, but Will's an afterthought for TomSell. And I don't think that's the reason they chose not to write the character off. If Chandler had been in the role for more than a few years, I could understand it, but Will has been played by three different actors in the last six years. And I didn't say he wasn't an important character. I said he's not a main character.

Then again, I think Chandler is overrated and I think WilSon is as dull as dirt. Maybe a new actor will make them more interesting to me, but I'm not counting on it.
I'd agree with you, except i think your post is missing an important point. This story was viewed as groundbreaking for Days, and Chandler gets a lot of the credit for it. Sure, Will's a "legacy character", but his character was similar to Ciara in the past - a cute kid who was related to almost everyone and was used as a pawn in some stories. Then Will reached adolescence and the writers didn't really know what to do with him until a few years ago. Chandler's Will has the distinction of being the character who came out on daytime TV, and Chandler got the job done extremely well imo - not to take away credit from Deidre, MarDar, Greg Meng or others involved. Now under TomSell I agree that Will has faded, and I also agree Wilson are boring, but I think the reason for the "big deal" as you call it in this thread is what Chandler achieved for the character at the beginning of his run.
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