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Monday ("Shock")
Kristen gets rid of her and Eric's intimate video; Will and Sonny's fight intensifies.

Tuesday ("Marlena")
Kristen recognizes how much of a threat Marlena really is; Eric wants to know why Nicole wants to quit her job.

Wednesday ("Huge Fight")
Sami and EJ have a huge fight; Kayla lets something important slip when talking to JJ about his dad.

Thursday ("Theresa's Ploys")
Theresa continues to bother Jennifer; Sami and EJ make peace.

Friday ("Chad Seeks Help")
Chad seeks EJ's help to cover his tracks; Will interrogates Sami about her living situation.


National Enquirer

* Samiís refusal to follow Stefanoís rules results in a fight with EJ
* Ericís stunned by Nicoleís startling news
* Cameron demands to know what Abigailís hiding
* Kayla makes a bad slip while talking to JJ about his father.


Sami is blown away when she learns how much EJ sacrificed for her
Jordan comes to Rafeís rescue when Marge unleashes her anger.
Justin tells Adrienne he wants to fight for their marriage.†
JJ turns to Adrienne and Abigail to find out what happened between Jack and Kayla as Jennifer tries to stop him from finding out
Sami makes amends with EJ and puts Stefano on notice
Theresa takes steps to convince Jennifer she slept with Daniel.

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