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S loves EJ

Sep 18 2013, 08:36 AM
Sep 18 2013, 07:59 AM
S loves EJ
Sep 18 2013, 06:10 AM
I think the flash drive will be showned at the wedding, but by accident I donīt see Nicole showing Eric getting raped in front of everyone, even if she would be mad at Eric and Brady I would think she would realize that it would be wrong for Marlena to see it.
It would be wrong and traumatic for Eric to see it. Marlena has been treating Nicole like crap so I wouldn't blame Nicole for not giving 2 shits about Marlena's feelings. However, I do expect Nicole to show consideration for Eric, a man she's supposed to love. Even if he is being an ass.
agreed. If Nicole does get this, I don't think she should care about Marlena's feelings, nor really even Brady's. But she should care about Eric b/c he is the victim here & has done nothing to deserve any of this.

I sort of hope the wedding goes through though and just as you think she's gotten away with it, bam! that's when the truth comes out. Basically I want it to be the Kaman wedding, except with less blood.

If Eric blames Nicole for what happend I think Nicole will be to desperate to prove her innocent to think about what the video might do to Eric, plus isnīt showing the video the only way to clear her name? If Nicole would get the flash drive just when the wedding is about to start she might also be in to much hurry to stop the wedding to think about what it might do to the audience.

As for sparing Marlenaīs feelings I donīt think either that Nicole cares about Marlenaīs feeling but might realize showing it to Marlena is the wrong thing to do, or she cares about the brothers and therefore would not delibrately hurt their mother.

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