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Sep 18 2013, 11:26 AM
Yes, the history of Jack raping Kayla should come to light and Jack's children should have to deal with this. On GH they have had all of Luke's children find out about his raping Laura. And yes, it would be much more dramatic with Jack alive and on canvas. HOWEVER we all know how much the current regime loves to prop Daniel so I fear that the angle of Daniel-is-so-much-better-than-Jack will have more of an emphasis than actually having JJ and Abigail finding out and dealing with the fact that their father raped their Aunt. Thus leading JJ to be more accepting of Dannifer.
I agree with you but, how do they do yet another "Daniel is so much better than Jack" moment without making Jennifer look bad since she fell in love with Jack after he raped Kayla and did a few other dirty deeds? I know history is rewritten and flushed down the toilet all the time on this show, but Jen saw the good in Jack and loved him anyway even after all that happened. My hope would be that she'd tell JJ about his father's redemption ... but who am I kidding, that won't come up. You know what would be really funny is if the rape didn't come up at all and we are all jumping to the wrong conclusions based on a one-line spoiler. :P
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