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Sep 19 2013, 09:26 AM
Sep 19 2013, 12:23 AM
Sep 18 2013, 07:15 PM
The showdown between EJ & Stefano was actually really good, despite my concerns.

I thought JS played it pretty well, and although he may have been OTT at times, given the context of the scenes, I was okay with it. Even his crying was pretty good this go around.

JM reminded me of the old Stefano. Good to see Nono was no where around.

Sami actually cried pretty good today too. Hardly any scrunchy to be seen.

So Chad's a cad?? Who cares. Cameron is like a sleeping pill. I'll take schemer any day.

Rafe being the resident bump on a log fits what his character has always been. Now his body is in line with his personality.

All in all, good show today!!
Both JS and JM Stefeno played those scenes very well.
JS should submit those scenes for an Emmy.
Why not JM submitting those scenes for an emmy, he was way better than JS in those scenes. I have seen JS do better. I dont think he should submit these if he wants a chance at winning. I havent seen him do anything that is emmy worthy for a while now.

For me, a lot of EJ's scenes have been cringe worthy and this one was no exception. I felt embarrassed for him. If Tptb aim is to destroy his character, they are doing an excellent job. How can this weak, and not so intelligent person take over from the phoenix.
Loved Stefano's part. He really needed to be put junior in his place, but they could have at least let him give in to Stefano's demand without completely demeaning himself.
I know how you feel. I could barely watch. Nails on a chalkboard were like Beethoven compared to that performance. It was so monumentally awful. In think he/They should have toned it back a bit.
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