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Sep 19 2013, 11:10 AM
I was so relieved to see that the EJ/Stefano scenes played out SOOOO much better than I feared. I've often cringed when JS has had to play the extremely emotional scenes because he can take it over the top - and while he skirted that initially with these scenes I felt like he pulled it back in and nailed it with the portrayal of EJ's flat out desperation. I thought the writing did a good job of showing that EJ had tried absolutely everything else to free Sami - setting up the deposit in the bank account, going to Trask to offer both Stefano and himself, preparing to take his family and run with the fake passports only to finally realize that Stefano had been a step ahead of him the entire time. He knew the trial was winding down - there was little time left to do anything to change the clear outcome of a guilty verdict. So in the end, he did the only thing left to him which was to grovel, beg and promise to meet every one of Stefano's conditions. The mixed look of disgust, shame and hatred as he was standing back up from the floor was great. Even later, as he was signing the paperwork and essentially waiting for Daddy to dismiss him so he could go to the trial I thought JS conveyed so much in just his body language. EJ is beaten and bowed...but there is no doubt his deep seated anger and humiliation is going to fuel his future decisions. Given EJ's history of anger fueled decisions things probably are going to be pretty rocky for him - but it sets up all sorts of great storyline potential.

JM was just outstanding. It was so nice to see the Stefano of old again...not even a shred of sympathy for EJ. That's how it needed to be. I've always enjoyed the back and forth of their relationship but given the things they've both dealt with in the past year or so - I loved seeing Stefano being so ruthless. Ruthless Stefano is likely to only further alienate EJ, just as he did with Tony all those years.

These scenes were absolutely Emmy bait for both JS and JM - but I feel like they both delivered the goods.

I thought AS was pretty great today, too. I appreciate that she's playing this as Sami trying to be stoic for everyone - even as they are sitting on the stand essentially piling the dirt over her coffin with shovels. Her relief at seeing EJ made sense to me - in a room full of judgments and hostility I can only imagine how much she needed his support.

I'm curious (and hopeful) to see if Justin continues to have story after the conclusion of the trial. It only makes sense to me that Stefano may have him in his sights for his part in helping EJ take control of the company. I'm hoping we'll continue to see EJ and Justin interacting - and perhaps EJ trying to help Justin stay ahead of Stefano. That may just be wishful thinking on my part, though.

Abby's outfit was horrendous. As pretty a girl as she is - how do they manage to find anything that looks that ridiculous on her? Cameron is a snooze and Chad is no longer of any value...so the entire storyline is a waste of airtime. :(

The scenes from yesterday's episode are exactly the way I want to see the EJ/Stefano relationship go on from this point forward. EJ can't manage to extricate himself from Stefano's influence, while clearly wanting nothing to do with him, while Stefano hangs on to him in the misguided attempt to keep EJ in line for the sake of the family. Stefano's understanding of family is so out of whack with reality, it's no wonder EJ ended up as messed up as he was all of those years. Stefano has taught him to hold on to what you love with an iron grip, and if that fails, punishment is always an acceptable course of action. For EJ to have evolved beyond that line of thinking is pretty remarkable. For many years now he's been about 'how can I get what I want?', to see him now throw his independence from Stefano away and literally beg on his knees for Stefano to do what he can in order to get Sami out of a life sentence is quite the turnaround for EJ.

Sami has always been his Achilles heel. I think initially when they first met he was attracted to her physically as well as because he could see with his own eyes that she didn't quite fit in with everyone else. She was accepted as long as she behaved a certain way. Now that he's gotten to actually know her over all of these years and has seen the sacrifices (often made at EJ's insistence in the past) she's made for her family, I think he gets that loving someone is more than about what makes himself happy. The shift away from self-centered love and gratifying his own emotional needs towards putting someone else' needs above his own, regardless of the costs to himself, has been pretty cool to watch as an EJ fan from way back.
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