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The Royal Dork

Ugh. I can't deal with these shit-heads.

-Amanda claimed all her racial jokes were taken out of context.
-Spencer claimed the same.
-Andy basically said it's ok that Spencer called him a fag because he didn't mean it maliciously.
-Aaryn got an attitude with Michael Yo (from E!) when he broke the news that she was fired from her agency. And claimed she didn't believe it. Then a few minutes later, she told Jeff Schroeder that she was on the rocks with that agency anyways and already had meetings lined up with 6 different agencies. (Ummm, how do you schedule meetings in Jury House?)
-And of course GM just rambled about how she was her, and she was GinaMarie, and if they didn't like the best version of her that she could be, then she was GinaMarie.
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