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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep She was accepted as long as she behaved a certain way. Now that he's gotten to actually know her over all of these years and has seen the sacrifices (often made at EJ's insistence in the past) she's made for her family, I think he gets that loving someone is more than about what makes himself happy. The shift away from self-centered love and gratifying his own emotional needs towards putting someone else' needs above his own, regardless of the costs to himself, has been pretty cool to watch as an EJ fan from way back.
This is just so not Sami and her family at all. Not even a little. AND...if this were anything like Sami and her family that would make her way less compatible with EJ and much more like the girl Rafe and Austin thought she was.
This wasn't the Sami we saw for the first 10 or 15 years AS has played her - but this is how Sami has been written the last 5 or 6 years. In fact, they pretty much beat it over our heads during the whole 'vendetta' storyline - Sami was written to be making a huge sacrifice to save her family from any more suffering at the hands of Stefano. It wasn't the best written story certainly...but it is what they laid out there. Even with this most recent story - Sami's actions were all about defending Will and protecting him from the consequences of shooting EJ way back when. Otherwise, it would have been far easier to prove that Bernardi was a dirty cop. The reason she (and EJ) held back was they knew in the end it would implicate Will when the entire story came out.
Most of that 5-6 years was full of people (including you) talking about how out of character she was. But I only think that one year was written the way you're saying, and even that wasn't her making a sacrifice for her family, IMO. It was her doing what she wanted no matter what her family said as has pretty much always been the case. Again, if that's how Sami is now, then they achieved making her Carrie/Belle. I don't happen to think that's the case at all, but that's not my description of her. Once Sami becomes the poor pathetic victim of her big mean family, not only does that became a complete rewrite of history (and even history as recent as what aired yesterday) but she loses the edge that would have made her compatible with EJ in the first place.
I don't know if I'm even following what you are saying, but Sami has always felt like the black sheep of the family. I always saw this as more about Sami's own internal dialogue and insecurities rather than anything her family did or didn't do to her intentionally. No doubt there were some actions by her family that reinforced her insecurities, but I never saw that as the root cause.

The way it's been written, she gets that acceptance from EJ that she has craved and never *felt* from her family, regardless of what they did or not. I would argue Caroline may be the exception to that rule for the most part Sami felt like she didn't measure up. I think EJ also gets that acceptance from Sami as they are both twisted, impulsive and passionate and equally insecure at the very core. They get that understanding from each other even though it often results in their individual self-destruction and/or the demise of their relationship.
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