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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep She was accepted as long as she behaved a certain way. Now that he's gotten to actually know her over all of these years and has seen the sacrifices (often made at EJ's insistence in the past) she's made for her family,
I think black sheep is different from feeling in accepted or even like you don't measure up. If Sami is painted as the victim as she was earlier, that's just plain inaccurate. And there was never an issue with her family accepting her. There's been a lot of issues with Sami not accepting herself. No one in her family has tried to change her personality. They've told her to grow up, accept responsibilities for her mistakes, and stop committing crimes against people she supposedly loves, but that's not "not accepting" her. And it really hasn't been any different with Caroline.

Mostly, I'm specifically saying that in the post I quoted, Sami was painted as a victim. That's not accurate. And IMO, if it were accurate, that turns her into that exact character that people thought they were seeing with Rafe. In her case, I don't think she can be the victim and the fun bad girl at the same time. Which is fine because she's definitely not the victim.
Well, your first sentence is why we are disagreeing then. I see being the black sheep of the family going hand in hand with feeling acceptance or like you don't measure up.

Often, I think kids become the black sheep because they don't feel like they fit in with the family in the way they should and aren't accepted as they are or measure up as they are. They act out and take on the black sheep role cuz they don't know how else to define their role in the family. Negative reinforcement to their own insecure way of defining their family role and individual qualities.

Look at me, give me a pair of gloves and a couch and I'm Marlena!

I get what you are saying though in the rest of your post.
I just don't think that applies to Sami. Being the black sheep of the family wasn't the issue. It was Austin loving Carrie and not her that was the issue. She would use her black sheep claims to deflect from the things she had done but even she knows she was full of it. When she's more stable she usually admits that to herself.
Well, I couldn't disagree more here. Austin loving Carrie wasn't Sami's only issue. Not by a longshot.
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