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Sep 20 2013, 06:56 AM


Eric lets Marlena hypnotize him; Kristen threatens Victor; Brady and Nicole butt heads over Eric; J.J. sneaks into Daniel's apartment; Theresa makes an offer to Jennifer.

Eric opens up to Father Matt about his dreams; Victor and Marlena draw Brady's suspicions; Theresa goes to Caroline for help; J.J. and his friends party at Daniel's apartment; Daniel and Parker visit Chloe.

Stefano demands E.J. meet his demands; Cameron tries to accept Abigail and Chad's relationship; Daniel notices something amiss at home; Theresa goes to J.J. for help.

Daniel tries to make a deal with J.J.; Theresa intends to get revenge against Jennifer; E.J. uses Chad's secret against him; Will catches Gabi with Nick; Rafe realizes he hasn't gotten as far with Jordan as he thought.

Brady and Kristen start Pre-Cana with Eric; Chad gives Abigail a gift; Will gets angry with Gabi, Nick and Sonny; Nicole gets a job offer.
Can't wait to see Stefano starting to put the screws to EJ.
What the heck does Theresa have to offer Jennifer?What help can JJ possibly provide to Theresa? I hope Theresa is not going to ask Caroline to intercede with Jennifer or Kayla on her behalf.She is lucky she just got fired.Jennifer could have called the police.
Daniel is a delusional idiot.I don't see why he thinks JJ would actually honor a deal made with him?
I didn't mind Nicole working at the rectory but I am ready for her to move on to something new.Maybe she'll have less time to see Daniel and Jennifer.
Chad behaved like a pig so I am interested in seeing what he gives Abby as a gift.
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